Course Tour

Course Layout

Hole 1

Par 4 – “First”

392 / 388 / 383 yards

On this slight dogleg left par 4, a bunker in the center of the fairway acts as a good aiming point. Your approach shot is to a green that slopes from left to right and slightly away from you. A great starting hole chance for a “birdie” but watch out for that double.

Hole 2

Par 4/5

443 / 438 / 422 yards

From the elevated tee, this par 4 plays straight away. A bunker on the left cuts into the fairway and a waste bunker and pond guard the right side as you approach the green. There is more fairway in front of the relatively flat green than it appears. Birdie this hole likely will result in a “skin”.

Hole 3

Par 4

355 / 336 / 321 yards

This tee shot is also from an elevated tee to a narrow fairway guarded by a waste bunker. The small, elevated green, protected by deep grass bunkers on the right and back, requires an accurate approach shot. Hole rund north to south you need to look out for the “trade winds” here you may not feel it from the fairway.

Hole 4

Par 3

158 / 143 / 133 yards

This short par 3 has a narrow opening in front and is surrounded by fairly deep bunkers. The trouble around the green makes this hole a nice challenge. The view from the upper tee is one of the best on the course.

Hole 5

Par 5

528 / 500 / 447 yards

This par 5 features a large landing area. Beware of Kebo Brook on the right as the fairway slopes from left to right. You can gamble and try to reach the green in two, but it is fronted by a pond and woods are close to the right and back sides. The safer play is to lay up to the hill overlooking the green. From there you’ll have a short approach, and a good chance at “birdie”.

Hole 6

Par 3

181 / 165 / 126 yards

This uphill par 3 requires that your tee shot carry all the way to the green. Trees border the left side, while two steep-banked bunkers guard the right side. This green slopes severely from back to front. Maybe the longest 181 yards you will play at Kebo, but long is wrong.

Hole 7

Par 4

327 / 322 / 259 yards

On this par 4, you play from an elevated tee to a narrow fairway that slopes from right to left. Kebo Brook guards the left side of this hole from tee to green. A grass-covered mound protects the front of the green and water on the left. A drivable par for for the longer hitters if you dare.

Hole 8

Par 4/5

435 / 435 / 413 yards

Don’t forget to enjoy the view from this elevated tee; you hit to a large fairway that slopes from right to left. The left side of the sloped green is protected by a brook, making the approach more difficult. Kebo’s number 1 handicap hole no wonder Sir Walter Hagan said, “The 8th at Kebo may be the toughest 4-Par I have ever played! Par is an excellent score on this hole. 

Hole 9

Par 3

201 / 194 / 161 yards

Don’t let this hole deceive you, a long par 3, where laying up is always an option. Although it looks flat, it is all carry. The green slopes from back to front and is guarded by a bunker on the right and a brook in front and along the left side. Finish the front with a 3, and you will be thrilled going to the back.

Hole 10

Par 4

353 / 338 / 315 yards

Standing on the 10th tee, you are as far from the clubhouse as you can be, so don’t look for a Hot Dog at the turn. This slight dogleg left par 4 hosts a series of mounds in the left rough and a hazard on the right of this fairway. A large bunker guards the approach to a green that slopes from back to front. Good chance for “birdie” if you keep your ball on the right side of the hole.

Hole 11

Par 4

410 / 400 / 356 yards

This straight par 4 has a generous landing area. A slight rise in the fairway and a shallow valley makes a club selection difficult for the second shot. Bunkers guard both sides of the opening to a large flat green that is further protected on the left and rear by grassy mounds. 

Hole 12

Par 4

286 / 284 / 284 yards

This short par 4 is a great birdie hole. It plays straight and slightly uphill to an elevated green protected in front by bunkers. The green has deceptive rolls to it, so reading your putt is challenging. The 12th is a “risk reward” hole. Will you risk it for the reward?

Hole 13

Par 4

399 / 390 / 349 yards

The spectacular scenery on this hole can ruin your concentration. This tee shot is straight ahead to a slightly uphill fairway. Your approach shot requires you to carry several elephant mounds which protect the entrance to the green. Bunkers back and left guard this green that slopes from right to left.

Hole 14

Par 5

535 / 530 / 503 yards

Only the longest hitters can reach this final par 5 in two. Tee shots are to a long, straight driving area. Out of bounds guards the entire left side. On the blind second shot, the safe play is to lay up to the hill overlooking the green. Water fronts this left to right sloping green.

Hole 15

Par 3

156 / 146 / 142 yards

This little beauty plays from an elevated tee over water to a green guarded by bunkers on both sides and a huge pine tree on the right. A large trench sits immediately behind the good-sized green that slopes from its center toward the right side. A par is a good score on the par 3.

Hole 16

Par 4

268 / 258 / 251 yards

The 16th is considered another birdie hole, but it can just as quickly be an apologizing six. You play slightly uphill from a tee nestled among large pines to a fairway with bunkers on both sides and a large bunker fronting the green. The green slopes from right to left, drivable for some, but “out of bounds” looms just 10 feet right of this green.

Hole 17

Par 4

358 / 349 / 296 yards

“The Taft Hole”! This intimidating par 4, has a creek that runs along the left of this fairway and cuts across the fairway, which may force you to put the driver away. Your approach shot must carry a large bunker set in the face of the hill. The green sits back from that bunker and slopes from left to the right toward another large bunker. President Taft once scored a “27” on the 17th at Kebo, taking “17” shots to get out of that enormous bunker. No one can say that President Taft was not determined.

Hole 18

Par 4

346 / 340 / 312 yards

With 4 tees on this hole, one which has your drive crossing a road to the fairway. Trees on the left and grass mounds on the right protect the landing area. The elevated green is guarded on the left by a natural hillside and a pot bunker on the right. It slopes from left to right and slightly towards the fairway; a far-left pin makes for a putting challenge.



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