2023 Club Champions and Week of July 24th Results

July 31, 2023

Summer is in full swing!!! The weather has turned for the better, and we’re starting to see those welcomed bounces and rolls to the golf course. We had a busy week at the club which was capped off by crowning two Club Champions.

Wyman Tapley defeated Sean Clark 4 & 3 in the 36 hole Men’s Club Championship Final. Mr. Tapley got off to an early lead and was able to maintain that initial lead through the morning round finishing the front 18, 1 up. Mr. Tapley played nearly mistake free on the 2nd 18; enroute to winning the match 4&3.

Edi Hall defeated Kim Collier 2&1 in the Ladies Club Championship Final. The Ladies match was played very closely throughout the day. Ms. Hall had a 2 up lead at the turn, but that would not last. Mrs. Collier had the match all square by hole 14, but Ms. Halls consistent play down the stretch earned her the 2023 Ladies Club Championship on hole 17.

Wyman and Edi are both pictured holding the Waldron Bates Trophy.  This trophy was given by the members of the Kebo Club in memory of Waldron Bates (1856-1909).  Mr. Bates was instrumental in the establishment of Kebo Valley Golf Club as well as a pathmaker in Acadia National Park.  Club Champions are engraved on this trophy beginning in 1909, with the last in 1958.  After that Kebo began the tradition of putting the champion’s name on a wooden placque in the clubhouse and that tradition continues for the Club Championships (men & women), Earle Marshall Cup, Fred McPheters Trophy, and Member-Guest winners.

Weekly Results

Golf Wars
Outer 9
1st. Potential 29
2nd. 3 Guys + 1 Hen 32
3rd. Dukes Of Hazzard 33
4th. Underdogs 34

1st. Spare Parts 26.2
2nd. Not Clever 26.3
3rd. Weapons Of Grass Destruction 26.9
4th. In The Trees 27.1

Outer 9
1st. Chris James + 3 Average Guys 31
2nd. Par Pals 31
3rd. Fore Courseman 32
4th. Grip It & Sip It 33

1st. Putterface 25.3
2nd. Drunken Divots 26.1
3rd. Crickers 26.8
4th. Operation Hack 27

#4. Dan Strout 7-4
#6. John Fitzpatrick 13-10
#9. Wayne Sinclair 5-5
#15. Tom Wheeler 3-3

Kebo Boys
Team Stableford:

1st. Ed Hays, Steve Dodge, Mark Foley
2nd. Clif Staples, Ty Smith, Doug Lackey
T-3rd. Hank Tibbetts, Don Powell, Larry Van Peursem
T-3rd. Randy Stanley, Rick Thompson Rocco Fucetola

Men’s Group
Team Game – Variable Best Ball

T-1st. Bill Harding, Mike Ginevan, Sam Gaines -10
T-1st. Jeff Wooster, Mike Kiick, Bernie Stevenson -10

1. Tom Cahill
2. Mike Ginevan
4. Nat Fenton
6. Tom Cahill
10. Mike Ginevan
13. Mike Ginevan

Kebo Boys
Team Stableford

1st. Tim Mayo, Don Powell, Richard Blaisdell
T-2nd. Randy Stanley, Dick Cough, Larry Van Peursem
T-2nd. Vinal Smith, Ty Smith, Tom Wheeler
T-2nd. Hank Tibbetts, Joey James, Chuck Starr

Ladies League
Team Scramble

1st. Margie Pehlps, Cathy Lutz, Kelli Clark, Shannon Snurkowski 37
2nd. Hannah Chamberlain, Angie Chamberlain, Phoebe Chamberlain, Jennifer Richardson 39

1st. Debbie Mitchell-Dow, Jaq Fitzpatrick, Sherry Harkins, Liz Shaffer 34.5
2nd. Robin Sue Tapley, Marilyn Sirlocka, Lindsey Doyle, Dawn Closson 35.75

#4. Empty
#15. Liz Shaffer 24-6

Green Mountain
Team Stableford

1. Mike Pillsbury – Steve Dodge – Lornie Smith – Lewis Gordon 125
2. Vinal SMith – Russ White – David Closson – Ed Darling 119
3. Hank Tibbetts – Mark Foley – Mark Leonardi – Glenn Megquier 117

Individual: A. Don Powell 38, Vinal Smith, B. Steve Dodge, C. Lornie Smith, D. Ed Darling

Skins & Pins

Gross Skins: 4. Don Powell, 6. Sean Clark, 11. Wyman Tapley, 16. Sean Clark, 18. Ed Hays
Net Skins: 2. Lewis Gordon, 9. Joey James, 13. Kent Salfi, 15. Ed Darling
Pins: 4. Ed Hays 6-2, 6. Jeff Wooster 15-0, 9. Joey James 9-1, 15. Randy Stanley 16-11

Men’s Club Championship Finals
Wyman Tapley 4&3 vs. Sean Clark

Ladies Club Championship Finals
Edi Hall 2&1 vs. Kim Collier

Skins & Pins
Gross Skins: 2. Andy Cough, 5. Randy Stanley, 6. Shane Carter, 11. Andy Cough, 13. Shane Carter, 16. Brent Barker

Net Skins: 1. Mark Hanscome, 4. Lewis Gordon, 9. Brian Alderman, 10. Cory Newel, 15. Cory Newel

Pins: 4. Andy Cough 6-1, 6. Shane Carter 10-5, 9. Brian Laderman 31-1, 15. Brent Barker 13-0

Waldon Bates Club Championship Trophy and Old Club Championship Trophy Boards