June 26th Kebo Valley Results and Events

June 26, 2023
Kebo Vally Golf Player

We have a few upcoming events this week. On Tuesday Kebo will be taking part in the local parade in celebration of Independence Day. 

This Friday we are scheduled to host Taylor Made for a fitting event. Please use the link below to register, and Tuesday will be the deadline to register.

This Saturday we will play Kebo Valley’s Inaugural Parent – Child Event. There are 2 Divisions (Chapman Style Alternate Shot / Scramble), and tee times will begin at 10:30. Please use the link below to register, or call the pro shop to register.

Congratulations to this weeks winners below.


Kebo Boy’s



Team Stableford

Richard Blaisdell – Vinal Smith – Ron Dennis      82 points

Ed Hays – Cory Newel – Joey James      78 Points


Golf Wars



Inner 9


Smokin Greens 29

Ballz of Hazzard 31

Par Pals 31

Rough Riders 34



Chris James +3 26.5

Who’s Your Caddie 26.6

Grip It & Sip It 28

Fore Coursemen 28.2


Outer 9 


Strokes of Luck 34

Molly Hauck 36

Happy Hookers 36

WGD 41 



Spare Parts 28.9

Lady & The Tramps 29

The underdogs 30.2

Twist Offs 34.2 



#4. Jon Nicholson 1-6

#6. Empty

#9. Bradley Smith 8-11

#15. Matt McDonald 8-4


Ladies League



Cathy Lutz, Margie Phelps, Keli Clark  37



Angie Chamberlain, Hannah Chamberlain, Jennifer Richardson, Wendy Morrill  35



#4. Colleen Maynard 11-0


Men’s Twilight



First Half 10 Man Division Champions:

1st. Kyle Richardson, Bryan Maurais, Peter Richardson, Jim Barkhouse, Mark Wanner, Jim McFarland, Ben Young, Chris White, Peter Swanson, Nat Fenton      81


2nd. Carew Blythe, Tim Ray, George Merrill, William Klaver, Robert Hanscome, Cory Newel, Paul Tracy, Brian Alderman, John Fitzpatrick, Duane Bartlett      80


Individual Sweeps:

1st. Brian Bannerman      20

T-2nd. Mark Wanner, Vinnie Abbott, Chris White, Jake Merchant, Chris Schleif      19

T-7th. Kyle Nicholson, Cory Newel, Carew Blythe, Tim Ray      18




Carew Blythe

Tim Ray



Chris White

Brian Bannerman

Erik Wanner



#4. Carew Blythe      14-2

#15. Brian Bannerman      5-4


Green Mountain



Team Stableford:

1st- Riley Swanson, Hank Tibbetts, Mark Lonardi, Joey James   119

2nd – Cliff Staples, Rick Thompson, Russell White, Richard Blaisdale   117



Individual Stableford:

A – Cliff Staples   36

B – Rick Thompson   38

C – Mark Foley   36

D – Joey James   40



Gross Skins:

Jake Willis

Wyman Tapley

Claude Hoopes

Edward Hayes

Robert Hall


Net Skins:

12/15. Steve Snurkowski



Mark Foley 7-6

Ed Hayes 8-10

Wyman Tapley 5-4

Bryan Maurais 1-5


Skins & Pins



Jake Willis

Daniel McGahee

Aaron Carter

Jake Willis

Ben Young



Ben Young

Steve Snukowski

Ben Young

Travis Mace



#4. Dana Fadley      15-4

#6. Aaron Carter      16-9

#9. Arthur Malaussena      5-3

#15. Arthur Malaussena      12-2







Riley Swanson

Michael Harkins

Sean Clark

Jon Nicholson

Shane Carter

Brent Barker



John Vickery

Jeremy Bryer

Steve Snurkowski



#4 Chris Schleif   9-10

#15 Randy Stanley   14-6


UpComing Events