Meet Assistant Daniel McGahee and Week of July 31st Results

August 08, 2023

This summer we have a new face in the Pro Shop, Assistant Golf Professional, Daniel McGahee.  Daniel is a native of St. Simons Island, Georgia.  He grew up surrounded by golf as that area is quite the hotbed for golf and PGA golf professionals.  His home course was Sea Palms Golf Club on St. Simons.

Daniel attended Valdosta State College in Georgia, majoring in business.  After graduation he decided to attend the Pro Golfers Career College on Hilton Head Island to combine his business education with golf.  His first assistant golf position was at Oyster Reef Golf Club on Hilton Head.

In 2015 he headed back to St. Simons Island for a position at his home course of Sea Palms.  In 2021 he moved to the Frederica Golf Club, a private club on St. Simons and home to many PGA professionals including Brian Harmon, the current Open Champion.  Daniel is looking forward to seeing the Claret Jug in person when he returns to Georgia at the end of our season.

Daniel also has roots in the New England area as his mother’s family was from New Hampshire.  Their family vacationed on Maine’s Drakes Island (near Wells) several times over the years.

When asked what he thought of Kebo he replied “I love it, it looks like it belongs here”.  Welcome to Kebo Daniel!

Weekly Results

McPheters Trophy Matches

Teams Advancing:

Bob & Caden Braun
Chris Coston & Jeff Wooster
William Harding & Mike Ginevan


Golf Wars
Inner 9
1st. Smoking Green 31
2nd. Fore Courseman 32
3rd. Chris James + 3 Other Guys 32
4th. Mt. Ave Mashers 33

1st. Shank & Beans 24.8
2nd. Putterface 26
3rd. Operation Hack 26.1
4th. Who’s Your Caddy 27.6

Outer 9
1st. Dukes Of Hazzard 32
2nd. Happy Hookers 34
3rd. Strokes Of Luck 34
4th. In The Trees 36

1st. Seasiders 26
2nd. Twist Offs 27.1
3rd. Underdogs 27.2
4th. Weapons Of Grass Destruction 30

#4. Brett Geade 7-4
#6. Tim Miller 10-7
#9. Dan Vibert 39-4
#15. Robert Hanscome 5-9

Men’s Group – Variable Best Ball
1. Mark Brood – Mike Kiick – Mike Ginevan 69

Net Skins: 4. Guy Torrey, 8. William Harding, 9. Sam Gaines, 11. William Harding, 15. Mike Ginevan, 16. William Harding

Kebo Boy’s Game – Team Stableford

1. Claude Hoopes – Randy Stanley – Tim Vanderploeg – Dick Blaisdell 126 points
2. Ed Hays – Don Powell – Lynn Goodwin – Ed Darling 121 Points

Skins & Pins

Gross Skins: 5. Randy Stanley, 11. Lewis Gordon, 14. Sean Clark
Net Skins: 1. Randy Stanley, 2. Cory Newel, 4. Joey James, 10. Randy Stanley, 15. Richard Blaisdell, 16. Ed Darling
Pins: 4. Don Powell 11-4, 6. Sean Clark 6-11, 9. Empty, 15. Claude Hoopes 16-1

Ladies League – Team Scramble

Gross: Liz Shaffer – Dawn Closson – Rhonda Moore 37
Net: Alison King – Karen Richter – Rebecca Sargent – Lynne MacKenzie 33
Pins: #6 – Cathy Lutz 33′

Pins & Skins

Gross Skins:

9, 18. Jake Willis
1. Brent Barker
5. Andrew Cough

Net Skins:

12. Jeff Wooster
8. Brian Wells
10. Robert Hanscome
4. Lucas Dunbar


#4 Hogan Haskell 28-0
#6 None
#9 Mark Hanscome 11-10
#15 Jeff Young 11-4

Pins & Skins 8.6.23

Gross Skins:

4. Ron Tibbetts
3. Adam Ranco
12. Robert Braun

Net Skins:

7. Lewis Gordon
13. Caden Braun
6. Dan Strout


#4 Ron Tibbetts 6-5
#6 Tony Ranco 12-4
#9 Gary Seavy 4-5
#15 Russ White 6-5

Fred McPheters Trophy