Week of July 3rd – Results and Upcoming Events

July 10, 2023

A nice week of weather finally!!! We had a busy week with the sun out, which allowed all to get out and enjoy Kebo.

This past week the Golf Wars Scramble League played, although wet conditions forced us to walking only… Thank You to the teams that played Monday, and to all Members for being responsible with there cart traffic this past week.

This weekend we held Kebo’s Inaugural Parent – Child Tournament. Carl and Cullen Smith won the Alternate Shot division, and Kate and Sawyer Worcester won the scramble division. Thank you to all who played.

This is the final week to try and qualify, or register for Club Championship. Qualifying ends on Sunday, July 16th.

Always remember the 3 R’s while out playing. Replace Divots, Repair Ballmarks, and Rake Bunkers.

Results for the week are posted below.

Kebo Valley Golf Club

Weekly Update


Golf Wars 7.3.23

Inner 9


Balls Of Hazard      28

CJ + 3 Other Guys      31


Who’s Your Caddie      27

Fore Courseman      28.1

Outer 9


Strokes Of Luck      33

3 Guys + 1 Hen      34


Lady & The Tramps      26.1

Twist Offs      26.9


#4. Michael Jack      14-11

#6. Paul Coston      4-9

#9. Zach Emeigh      12-3

#15. Ross Schoeder      47

Ladies League 7.5.23

Team Scramble


1st. Michelle White, Layne Cough, Kate Worcester, Heather Sorokin      40

2nd. Cheryl Novins, Nancy Fitzgerald, Tiffany Laufer, Mary Urillo      41


1st. Alison King, Karen Richter, Rebecca Sargent, Lynne Mackenzie      35

2nd. Margie Phelps, Laura Morris, Shannon Snurkowski, Kelli Clark      35.5


#9. Kate Worcester      17-6

Men’s Twilight League


4 Man Division Results

Blue Division:

1st. Bill Klaver, Tim Ray, Randy Stanley, Vinnie Abbott      304

2nd. Robert Hanscome, Budd Williams, Cory Newel, Mike Harkins      299

Green Division:

1st. Ben Young, Jake Merchant, Peter Richardson, Colin Mackenzie      280

2nd. Erik Wanner, Mark Wanner, Joe Pagan, Paul Tracy      266



Carew Blythe, Seth Gray

Rob McKenney, Steve Shelton


Rob McKenney, Steve Shelton

Peter Richardson, Colin Mackenzie

Peter Richardson, Colin Mackenzie


#6. Vinnie Abbott      38-10

#9. Jim Barkhouse      18-6

Green Mountain


Team Stableford

1st – Edward Hayes, Vinal Smith, Joey James, Ed Darling  117

2nd – Sean Clark, Don Powell, Richard Blaisdell, Clyde Lewis  115

T3rd – Randy Stanley, Tim Mayo, Greg Murray  109

          Kent Salfi, Bryce Cough, Jeff Young

          Riley Swanson, Tim Vanderploeg, Mark Leonardi, Chuck Starr

Individual Stableford

A – Sea Clark  36

B – Vinal Smith  37

C – Richard Blaisdell  35

D – Jeff Young  28

Gross Skins

4.,5. Sean Clark

Steve Snurkowski

Michael Pillsbury

Riley Swanson

Net Skins

Phil Parker

Ed Darling

Ron Dennis

Joey James


Sean Clark 7-9

Ron Dennis 8-0

Sean Clark 7-11

Phil Parker 9-6

Skins & Pins


Gross Skins

Wyman Tapley

Wyman Tapley

Tom Maffucci

Arthur Malaussena

Darell White

Kyle Nicholson

Net Skins

Steve Snurkowski

Mark Hanscome

Dana Fadley

Travis Mace

Mark Hanscome

Lucas Dunbar


Ron Tibbetts 15-5

Tom Maffucci 3-7

Dana Fadley 19-1

Chris Schleif 10-6

Kebo's Up Coming Events