Kebo Historical Markers and Results for Week of September 4th

September 11, 2023

When playing Kebo, have you noticed the old tee markers on boulders in addition to the modern ones on each hole? The details of how these markers came to be can be found in Kebo’s 60th Anniversary publication dated 1948.

“With a very small membership to draw on, the Board had to devise new methods to raise funds…Out of these problems came an interesting plan to raise money. The Board offered to a select list, the right to sponsor the name of a man or woman for each tee of the course—by paying into the “Honor Roll Fund” $1,000.00. The bronze placques, set into boulders, will be there as memorials for the life of the Kebo Valley Club.”

For more than 75 years these markers have been in place with the exception of the 17th hole. The bronze placque on that boulder mysteriously disappeared several years ago. The “Honor Roll” names and their contributions to Kebo can be found framed on the wall across from the Kebo Office. The backgrounds of these individuals, men and women, include a wide range. For example, there are auto barons, a real Baron, and a greenskeeper.

The next time you play, take time to find these markers, a bit of Kebo history.

This past week was warm and a great week to play some golf! All leagues played as scheduled, and were at near capacity. The Ladies League hosted the Jack & Jill Scramble which was won by the team of Andy & Layne Cough and Matt McDonald & Kelly Reed. The Men’s League finals will be played this coming Thursday.

Upcoming Events

  • 9/12 Friends in Action Benefit Scramble (course closed AM)
  • 9/15 Night Golf (AKA Glowball) Watching the hurricane…
  • 9/20 Maine State Senior Amateur – Final Round (Volunteers Needed!)
  • 9/23 Downeast YMCA/Bo Lewis Tournament – SOLD OUT
  • 9/28 MDI Hospital / David Harding Tournament – SOLD OUT
  • 10/3 Maine Chapter NEPGA PRO-AM (course closed AM)
Weekly Results

Golf Wars 9.4.23

Inner 9:
1st-Rough Riders 31
2nd-Spare Parts 32
3rd-Underdogs 33
4th Strokes of Luck 36

1st-WOGD 24.7
2nd-Titleless 25.2
3rd-Not Clever 27.1
4th-Seasiders 28.8

Outer 9:
1st-Drunken Divots 29
2nd-No More Chris James 31
3rd-Grip It and Sip It 32
4th-Mt. Ave. Mashers 33

1st-Operation Hack 23.6
2nd-3 Guys + 1 Hen
3rd- Smoking Greens 25.8
4th Shank & Beans 25.9

#4-Gary Seavey 15-11
#6-John Linder 8-8
#9-Scott Pinkham 7-8
#15-John Wooster 12-0

Kebo Boys:

Team Stableford
1st. Vinal Smith, Steve Dodge, Greg Murray, Ed Darling 121

Ladies League
Jack & Jill

1st. Layne Cough, Andy Cough, Matt MCDonald, Kelly Reed 31
2nd. Wyman Tapley, Robin Sue Tapley, Marilyn Sirlocka, Riley Swanson 32
3rd. Mike Harkins, Sherry Harkins, Dan Shaffer, Liz Shaffer 32

1st. Kelli Clark, Mike Clark, Margie Phelps, Mike Carroll 26.2
2nd. Joc Fitzpatrick, John FItzpatrick, Cornell Knight, Kay Rand 26.5
3rd. Melissa Devos, Peiter Devos, Wendy Morrill, Terri Hambright 26.7

#4. Andrew Cough 2-2
#15. John Hall 20-3

Men’s Twilight

Individual Quota:
1st. Josh Shelton +4
T-2nd. Henry Beaudoin, Jeremy Bryer, Seth Gray +3
5th. Brent Barker +2
T-6th. Tim Ray, Erik Wanner +1

6. George Adams
7. Josh Shelton
11. Carew Blythe
12. Josh Shelton
13. Brent barker
14. Bryan Maurais

9. Chris McGuire

#6. George Adams 7-4
#9. Empty

Green Mountain

Stableford Points – Team Game
1st- Riley Swanson, Ed Lower, Joey James,Glenn Megquier 117

2nd – Ron Tibbetts, Bryce Cough, Russ White, Dave Closson 116
Hank Tibbetts, Ron Dennis, Phil Norton, Clyde Lewis 116

A-Hank Tibbetts
B-Tim Mayo
C-Russ White
D-Laurence Van Peursem

Gross Skins
4-Ed Darling
12-Tim Miller
15-Ron Tibbetts

Net Skins
5,17-Dan Strout
6-Don Powell

#9-Joey James 13-9
#15-Ron Tibbetts 8-11

Gross Skins
4- Peter Swanson
6,14,15- Wyman Tapley
8- Joey James
7,11- Russ White
12- Tom Wheeler

Net Skins
2- Seth Gray
3- Jeremy Bryer
6- Dan Strout
9- Ben Young
13,16- Jake Merchant

#4- Peter Swanson 4-2
#6- Russ White 25-11
#9- Tom Wheeler 28-3
#15- Wyman Tapley 0-4

The brook at the Kebo Valley 17th tee area