Kebo Maintenance Crew and Week of October 2nd Results

October 09, 2023

Kebo has had a record amount of rain this season – 48 inches and counting! Our maintenance crew has done a great job keeping golfers on the course in spite of the weather – and with good playing conditions! When you speak with Superintendent Dave Perconti it is evident, he is proud of his crew. He points to the collective experience of his team as key – 95+ years at Kebo.

  • Dave Perconti (22 years — 21 years as Superintendent)
  • Chris James (18)
  • Shannon Pokoney (17)
  • Chuck West (13)
  • Bill Klaver (8)
  • Mike James (7)
  • Bob Gommo (6)
  • Chris Archer (5)

The only rookie on the crew, Dave Closson, is someone many members will recognize. Dave retired from his Club Manager position and is working part-time behind the scenes in maintenance. This year mowing has been a significant part of maintenance. Greens are mowed every day and rolled 3 times a week when the weather cooperates. All members of the crew have been riding the mowers this season, but some have other responsibilities. Shannon is the mechanic and Chris Archer is the irrigation specialist – both work year-round for Kebo.

And speaking of mowers, Kebo has quite a few!

  • 4 greens mowers
  • 1 approach mower
  • 4 tee mowers
  • 3 fairway mowers
  • 4 rough mowers

Other equipment includes a riding bunker rake, a greens roller, a sprayer, and a tractor. When asking Dave why Kebo has been able to keep players on the course during this rainy season he mentions 3 important things: 1) Drainage, 2) Cart Paths, and 3) Consistent Aeration.

We tip our hats to the men on the mowers – thank you for keeping Kebo in great shape in 2023!

Weekly Results

Kebo Boys

Team Stableford
1st-Vinal Smith, Mark Foley, Dick Cough, Clyde Lewis 109

Golf Wars Scramble League

Inner 9

1st-Shank & Beans 25.2
2nd-Smoking Greens 25.6
3rd-Who’s Your Caddy 26.1

1st-Not Chris James 30
2nd-Drunkin Divots 31
3rd-Putterface 32

Outer 9

1st-Underdogs 26.8
2nd-2 oldies + 2 27.2
3rd-In The trees 28.5

1st-3 Guys and a Hen
2nd-Mt. Ave Mashers 34
3rd-Happy Hookers 35

#4-Jon Nicholas 17-5
#6-Vinnie Abbott 14-6
#9-Paul Coston 8-0
#15-Frank DeRevere 10-10

Kebo Boys

Team Stableford
1st-Wyman Tapley, Ron Dennis, Joey James, Clyde Lewis 120
2nd- Randy Stanley, Tim Mayo, Tim Vanderploeg, Richard Blaisdell 115

Green Mountain

Team Stableford

Tie 1st-Hank Tibbetts, Tim Mayo, Lornie Smith, Peter Swanson 115
Ron Tibbetts, Mark Leonardi, Richard Blaisdell, David Closson

A Player-Claude Hoopes/Riley Swanson

B Player-Mark Leonardi

C Player-Eben Salvatore

D Player-Peter Swanson

Fall Colors at Kebo Valley